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How to protect your property

Installation of electrical lighting in the commercial or residential premises is vital as it prevents intruders from getting inside your property. It is a cost effective way to improve surveillance because the perpetrator will be wary of the light and may not be able to navigate through the building without the risk of being caught. The most important aspects of the lighting is the presence of motion sensors that are able to detect any movement within the building. It will also help to provide advanced warning to the home owners so that they can take the necessary safety precautions.

Security Lighting Liverpool

Another advantage of having security lighting is that it works well with security cameras as it enhances their vision. Therefore the images of the intruders can be seen clearly if they try to break into the premises. If the outside areas are sufficiently lit during the night time, the security camera will provide clear images that would help the people to identify the culprits without too much hassle.

Fire Alarms Liverpool

Traditionally it was only commercial premises that had fire alarms installed however, today, there are also fire alarm systems available for domestic premises. A professionally installed fire alarm can detect a fire in the early stages, From air monitoring that can detect the faintest change in air quality to temperature monitoring and infra red sensors.

A fire alarm not only preserves lives but can protect property from the devastation of a fire.

SRW Electrical in Liverpool offer a bespoke security service in and around Liverpool and Merseyside to both homeowners and businesses. From security lighting to burglar alarms and fire alarms, our specialist teams can advise on your options and design a system to meet your needs and your budget. Contact SRW Electrical today for a no obligation quote.

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